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Abbott also warned the government would not win the next election unless it won back the conservative base an intervention that continues to reverberate at the opening of the new parliamentary week. The sortie has prompted a significant pushback by senior conservatives, who have declared the former prime minister has no path back to the party leadership. Even though the poll trend has been against the government in recent months, Turnbull blamed Abbotts intervention for the Coalitions poor Newspoll showing on Monday. Lewis says on all the indicators of leader attributes, bar one, Abbott is ranked demonstrably lower [than Turnbull] in positive and higher on negatives. Even with Turnbulls steady decline in personal regard, Abbotts numbers are significantly worse net 20% higher on erratic, net 16 on aggressive, net 18 on narrow-minded, he said. In terms of positives, Turnbull is up 10 points on vision, 10 on capability and a whopping 21 points on intelligence. This weeks poll put a number of questions about housing affordability and energy prices. With tax concessions for housing back briefly on the political agenda, before the government moved to kill off the nascent debate a couple of weeks ago, the poll shows 44% approve of negative gearing and 35% disapprove. It also indicates 37% approve of property investors receiving a reduction in capital gains tax and 41% disapprove. Turnbull moved mid-month to shut down suggestions his government would consider curbing capital gains tax concessions for property investors as part of a broader policy effort it has been doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 telegraphing for months on housing affordability . A majority of voters (51%) thought that limiting negative gearing and reducing the concession on capital gains tax would have an impact on house prices, with 19% thinking house prices would fall and 32% believing they would rise at a slower rate. Only 17% thought house prices would continue to rise at the same rate.